Highlights of Qualifications:
-Sharp, insight into the subtleties of student needs.
-Perceptive in modifying curriculum to respond to student needs.
-Familiar with full scope and sequence of curriculum from K-6th grade.
-Industrious, creative professional; able to work independently and also coordinate with others.

Extensive Workshops:
-Whole Language Approach to Reading
-Math Their Way
-Cooperative Learning Structures
-Writers' Workshop
-Learning Channels
-Learning Modalities
-International Reading Conference in Stockholm, Sweden

-NTE passed

Diverse Professional Experience:
-Teacher 3rd and 3rd/4th Combination Classes
-Title I Remedial Reading
-1st/2nd Combination Class
-Preschool Teacher/Coordinator
-Private School Teacher/Owner (2nd/3rd)
-Adult Education Remedial Reading Through Delta College
-Special Day class (SDC)
-Resource Specialist Program (RSP)
-Learning Center, Special Education