Excerpts from Letters of Recommendation:

Mary, mother of Jason:
"Vera Turner has been a major factor and reason my son is now reading at grade level. My husband and I found out that our son had a learning disability when he was in the first grade. Shortly thereafter we met Vera Turner. This was something new to us and we too needed help and support to understand his learning disability and to learn how to help him. We took our son to a specialist and the doctor gave us different exercises for him to do for eye tracking and for his short term memory. Vera worked along with us and the doctor and implemented these exercises into his school work. When you have a child with learning disabilities you also experience low confidence and self esteem. Vera also worked very hard in these areas as well. As a parent she helped us a great deal in letting us know his progress and what we could do at home to help."

Judy, co-teacher:
"Vera is to be commended for her endless energy, friendly personality, and genuine dedication to helping students succeed. She has a wealth of expertise on learning modalities and classroom modifications for students with learning disabilities. Teachers in our school regard Vera as a valuable source of information and regularly seek out and implement her practical suggestions in our classrooms. She willingly spends numerous overtime hours assisting students and teachers as well."

Ron, administrator:
"As an administrator who has had the opportunity to share in the supervision of Vera Turner, I have observed her take her students, whether in large groups or small, through an instructional process that builds self-esteem by giving them every opportunity to succeed. More specifically, as she probes and questions students following direct instruction, she will do it in a non-threatening way and stay with a child until the interaction is successful. After such a learning experience, her students are more willing to move out of their comfort zones and grow both personally and academically."

Pam, co-teacher:
"Ms. Turner consistently exhibited outstanding instructional skills, especially in the area of reading. She is adept at creating an excited and challenging learning climate for her students. She is an advocate for children with special needs and represents their issues in a professional manner. She is supportive and encouraging and always positive."