Vera Turner identifies styles and channels of learning to assist parents and tutors that work closely with special learning problems. Vera is a teacher that observes the process of learning and will identify interfering blocks. The speed and accuracy of learning is enhanced through integrated movement exercises.

Vera's goal is to be of assistance to tutors and parents around the world.

Do you have a student that is puzzling you? Do you have a child that is smart in many ways and having trouble in school? How does your child learn? Does he/she learn quickly or slowly? How is your child's language development? Is your child's reading good but comprehension a problem? Does he/she know the spelling words at night and miss most of them the next day on the spelling test? How can you help your child be more successful in school and life? Adults, are you trying to learn a new task? Are you re-learning after a stroke or accident?

These are BIG questions?

Vera would like to help you with some answers.

Vera has had many years of experience working with students from preschool to college. See Vera's Resume

The process of learning is similar at all levels and from learning disabled to gifted. The perceptual intake of knowledge is similar but unique in each person. Read Case Histories

To improve the learning channels Vera can identify styles, processes, and blocks to learning that you or your child may be experiencing. Read Excerpts from Letters of Recommendation