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 Hello....my name is Tommy and this is my 1st attempt to build a webpage using the skills I have learned at the CodeAcademy website. So far I have

  learned a little about the JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, and Python languages. In later lessons I will attempt to further my skills with instruction in Ruby

  and jQuery. I will try to put them all together and maybe build some webpages & API's if I get good enough.....who knows, maybe it will actually bring in

  some extra money, or at least keep me out of the bars.         

 In November of 2008 I wiped my disk clean of Windows Vista after fighting it for a year & installed Ubuntu Linux. I have spent the last 7 + years

  becoming comfortable with a mostly new to me operating system. It has far exceeded my expectations of being reliable & basiclly trouble free; no

  more of those dreaded "blue screens of death" that plague Windows.  After trying several Linux variants, (Mint, Fedora,& Debian), I have finally settled

  on using ARCH Linux for 99 % of the time. For the last 2 1/2 yearsI have been involved in developing a weather forecast application in concert with a

  person in New Delhi, India.  His name is Paramvir Likhari, and we have become friends over the course of the last several years.

  Before the advent of home computers he would be considered a "pen pal", but now that we use e-mail I guess he would be called a "keyboard buddy".

  He is the developer of the app, writing all the software, and then he sends me his latest versions to be certain they work with most versions of Linux,

  or to help troubleshoot & debug if they have problems.  The screenshot below is an example of his latest work. The image on the left side is his weather

  forecast application. The middle images are Earthquake Data, Weather Satellite images showing winds aloft, IR cloud coverage, and the current

 surface condition. The other images are my system monitor showing what is happening inside the computer, a calendar, world Time, a media player,

etc (the image lost a little resolution when made smaller to fit inside the window).


I am married to my Wife of 23 years, Sheila, and we live on 4.6 acres in the Magdalena Mountains of West Central New Mexico at an altitude of

  7,200 feet ASL with our rescue Dog Jak, a German Shepard/ Rottweiler mixed breed. Sheila is a Professional Doll Doctor specializing in older Antique

  dolls; she completely restored a 100 + year old doll that had been attacked by the family Dog. I retired in 2007 from NRAO/VLA after 17 years as an

  Electronics Group Leader. I now spend most of my time doing all those "honey-do's" that build up over time. I have 3 Step-Daughters by Sheila;

  Mellissa lives in Washington State and has a Desktop Publishing Company with her Husband Gerald;  Maureen is a Graphics Artist and Event Planner

  who lives in San Francisco with her Husband Erik; the youngest Sara, is a Registered Professional Forester and Mother of the most darling twin Girls;

  they live with
Husband Greg in Auburn, Calif near Sacramento.

          This year I will celebrate my 37th year of living in New Mexico; I consider moving here from the rain in Washington State to be 1 of the best

  decisions I have ever made.  The State's motto is "The Land of Enchantment" and it certainly lives up to that in many ways. We are the 5th largest

  State in terms of square miles of land area, but we only just reached the 2 Million mark in population recently. We have plenty of "wide open spaces"

  here, and in some places the Cattle population far exceeds the Human population. We also have a rich mix of cultures represented with Native

, Hispanic, and Caucasian influences. The New Mexico State Flag was recently voted the best designed State Flag in the United States. The

  design is taken from the sacred Zia Sun Symbol of the Native American Zia Pueblo. Here is a representation of the symbols associated with the Zia

  Sun symbol.

Frost CrestKing Harry
  The pictures above are of my Family Crest and my ancestor King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark; there is a definite physical resemblence to Harald

  as I have the same full beard, the same stocky build, but not the horned helmut.

  I have developed an interest in my Family's lineage, and devoted some spare time to research it with surprising results. I discovered that my Father's

  Mother's side can be traced back to the King of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth; and his Father's side can be traced back to the legendary Viking King

  Ragnar Lodbrok who claimed that his Father was the Viking God Odin. Along the way down the Generations there were numerous Lords & Ladies, and

  even another member of royalty, Robert the Bruce King of Scotland. I have recently discovered that my Paternal Grandmothers' lineage can be traced all

  the way back to 810 AD to one of the early Scottish Kings. There is a branch in the family that links to Mary, Queen of Scots; her lineage comes all the

  way down to the present Queen of England, Elizabeth II. I never heard about any of this while growing up and wonder if any Family member

  was even aware of this information. Until the early 1900's,  the Family owned a considerable piece of Oyster Bay, Long Island. If the Family still owned the 

1,500 Acres, at today's real estate prices it would be worth a staggering $1.7 Billion!!!

ham radio   ham

One of my spare time hobbies is Amatuer Radio, also known as "ham radio". I hold an Extra Class License from the FCC with the callsign NM5TF.

  As you might guess from the letters, NM is for New Mexico and TF are my initials; the 5 is for the FCC's fifth callsign district. I was 1st licensed at age 13

  in 1956 as a Novice operator with the callsign WV6OML. I upgraded to a General Class license in 1957 after passing the Morse Code and Technical

  tests at the FCC office in Los Angeles; my callsign changed to WA6OML which I retained until it expired. I got relicensed in 2005 with a General Class

  license with the callsign KE5EFC; I immediately applied for a "vanity license" with my old callsign WA6OML which was granted. I kept it until 2008 when

  I decided to change it to my current callsign NM5TF. It is the technical aspects of the hobby that appeal most to me, not only the workings of the electronic

  circuits to create and receive the radio waves, but also the very nature of the physics of radio wave propagation. At times it almost seems magical the

  way that the waves are refracted & reflected between the Earth's surface and layers of our Atmosphere; this enables the radio waves to "bend" around

  the Earth's surface to make long-range radio communication possible.  For those that are interested in such things, here are the latest Solar-Terrestial

  conditions that affect radio propagation.


   As the picture below shows, we get snow in Hop Canyon. And our Dog Jak watching some Deer drinking out of the small pond; he is so

  used to seeing them that even though they were only 20-30 feet away from him, he just layed there & watched them.  

Hop Canyon House in SnowJak-Bambis

  In Summer the house has a totally different personality as everything is green & growing as shown below.



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